Past ISDN Meeting 2000 Heidelberg, Germany

Keynote lecture: M. Schachner, Hamburg

Plenary lectures

Symposium 1: Neural induction and early patterning
Chair: C. Niehrs, Heidelberg

Symposium 2: Neurotrophic Factors
Chair: H. Thoenen, Martinsried

Symposium 3: Stem cells and neural progenitors
Chair: W.B. Huttner, Heidelberg

Symposium 4: Molecular regional patterning of the brain
Chair: A. Lumsden, London

Symposium 4b: Signalling and morphogenesis
Chair: A. Prochiantz, Paris

Symposium 5: Functions and transmembrane signalling of cell adhesion molecules
Chair: B. Ranscht, La Jolla

Symposium 6: Cell cycle regulation of neurogenesis
Chair: E. DiCicco-Bloom, Piscataway

Symposium 7: Regeneration in the CNS: Promoting and repulsive cues
Chair: R. Keynes, Cambridge

Symposium 8a: Human CNS stem cells
Chair: J- Frisén, Stockholm

Symposium 8b: Serotonergic actions and mechanisms during development
Chair: J. Lauder, Chapel Hill

Symposium 9: Neural crest and peripheral nervous system development
Chair: C. Kalcheim, Jerusalem

Symposium 10: Neural extracellular matrix
Chair: A. Faissner, Strasbourg

Symposium 11: Development of learning and behavior as revealed by analyses of transgenic animals
Chair: H.-P. Lipp, Zürich

Symposium 12: Axonal pathfinding
Chair: F. Bonhoeffer, Tübingen

Symposium 13: Neural and immune systems: Common and distinct pathways towards cell death
Chair: P. Krammer, Heidelberg

Symposium 14: Synapse Formation
Chair: M. Ruegg, Basel

Symposium 15: Transcriptional control of neuronal identity
Chair: C. Goridis, Marseille

Symposium 15a: Development of the olfactory system
Chair: R. Axel, New York

Symposium 16: Development of glial cells
Chair: K.A. Nave, Heidelberg

Symposium 17: Development and pathology of motoneurons and motor endplate
Chair: J. Eisen, Eugene

Symposium 18: Genes involved in development of neurological disorders
Chair: A. Aguzzi, Zurich

Workshop I: Novel technologies in molecular (neuro)sciences
Chair: H. Bujard, Heidelberg

Workshop II: Novel technologies in neuroimaging
Chair: N.N.

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